Firefly Vodka is vodka at its best. Let ‘em Fly is the unofficial start of the vodka summer, but before we can start to party, we should know where this drink comes from. Vodka can be made ​​from different raw materials rich in sugar or starch, such as cereals and potatoes. Grains, such as those present in the production of beer, must be malted to break the starches down. This is accomplished through the action of amylase which also breaks down the sugars of other plants present. I needed affordable dental insurance Long Island when I lost my job and didn’t have a dental plan anymore.

Once separated, the solid fermentation proceeds with the finished product being a liquid similar to beer. After a short rest period of several distillations, you can essentially create vodka of any strength you would like, depending on how many distillations you perform on it. Now you can filter the distillate using activated charcoal to remove unpleasant tastes and this treatment leads to a neutral product. Often, rather than filter, you may wish to skip this step to keep the characteristic flavors. Mostly water is then added to the product before they can hit the market. This makes the vodka more palatable and smoother. If you need executive car service, a Long Island Limo Service will be able to get you to your destination promptly and safe.

Firefly Vodka is a distilled beverage that is drunk neat and cool (but not icy) to better savor it in all its fullness, as is taught in the countries of origin. It should be served in the classic Russian vodka glass that is shaped like a tube.  It is also excellent in the preparation of Italian pasta dishes, as well as for cocktails and mixed drinks. It is often joined with other juices and flavorings to make it more appealing. The Slavic tradition of serving vodka with cucumbers and sliced vegetables brings light to older traditions that are coming forth once again in this country.

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